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Image published on: януари 5, 2023
Image size: 1000 × 1500 px
Image file name: 440A8704.jpg
The presented sculptures come from two series: “Jute People” and “Bodies”. Both series are figurative and are aiming to underline the constant struggle with reality and our surrounding environment. The sculptures from Jute People are closer to resembling the human form but take awkward and unsettling postures because of their effort to get up from the ground to which they are bound. The idea of life taking different shape and size according to its environment is one that fascinates me as an artist and I am trying understand and represent it through the means of visual language. In the series Bodies the appearance of the sculptures is not so human anymore and the border with an animal or something else is much thinner. They are one of my first steps into developing my concept for a universal being which is ever-changing accordingly towards its surrounding and is resembling different shapes of plants, animals, humans.