Christmas edition

This year, let’s think of the holidays as an occasion to ground the mind in turbulent times, and art, on the contrary, to liberate it.

Gallery +359 presents its first Christms installation, which will mark the beginning of a series of artistic interventions in the space of the water tower or its yard at the end of December each year. We hope that this kind of (re)understanding of traditional symbols through the prism of contemporary art will inspire you and make you happy.

Happy holidays and be healthy, mentally and physically, and now get acquainted with the project of Kalina Dimitrova

Last year has been unusual for people around the world. For the first time in perceivable human history, the whole globe faced simultaneously the problem of globalization, which until recently existed only in apocalyptic stories.

Normal life derailed and at the speed of light transitioned into the cloudy space flowing through channels full of ones and zeros. The year 2020 will remain in the history marked by social distance and online life, which, however, still remains human at its core and for a part of the population the calendar eventually ends with Christmas.