Pauline Toyer

Celsian Langlois

20.09- 20.10.2019

An exhibition is first a journey, a stroll through the artworks and between the artworks. It is a collage that comes from the spatialization of objects in the place. The place is the catalyst, the editing table, to create atmosphere and sense. In this very special place, the Water Tower, this postulate is greatly increased. The ascent of the tower follow a circuit. Our body turns and turns to reach the top of the city. This circulation made of multitude of revolutions is the driving force of our project “Freefall“

Celsian Langlois is a sound artist and Pauline Toyer is a sculptor, for each of them, it is all about space, and its eternal sidekick, time.

The path of the spiral staircase unrolls the film. Like Foucault’s pendulums, suspended speakers from the center of gravity of the tower move slowly with the rotation of the earth. As we progress and rotate, the acoustics of this large space is revealed.

Along this route, colorful stained glass suit the windows. Glass transforms the light and the tone of the room. The colors get more dense in these aperture of light, two complementary atmospheres alternate. From red rose to electric midnight blue.

In its center of gravity, a pendulum, a small speaker, diffuses a small sound. This time, we are the giants listening from above, overhanging.

The journey continues through these bluish halos and these pink halos. The end of the main staircase is felt, a new decor is growing and representations of plants are appearing. These are photographs printed on fabrics. It is not a clear image with exact colors but a feeling of nature, an idea of nature added to the narrative of the course. It follows us before reaching the ultimate step by crossing the tank in its very heart. As we go up the last helical stairs, as we turn on ourselves, we hear the tank from its center through the metal walls.

After this tunnel, a smell of softwood comes to us. The platform floor is covered with sawdust. The sun outlined his path with ashes on the ground. Under our feet, the tank is filled with sound. The heart of the whole Water Tower vibrates and resonates.