Stela Vasileva in collaboration with  
Milen Apostolov /composer, conductor, musician/ 
Stefan Hadjiev /violoncello/
Dobrin Petkov /architect, dj/
Elena Ganova /viola/
Ivan Staykov /violin/
Svetlin Krachev /violin/ 
Atanas Iliev /clarinet/
Youliana Voikova-Najman /set designer, lighting/
Jiri Najman /lighting/

01.11 – 25.11.2018

Rada Boukova

Rada Boukova was born 1973 in Sofia. She lives and works in Paris. Whether it is video, photographs, installations, objects or exhibition projects, she explores the remains of the ideological, economic, and social changes. For her, art is a game of forms and colors, but…

Tom Lock

Tom Lock (b. 1981 in Norwich) is an artist based in London. His work has been exhibited and screened at places such as The London open 2018 –  Whitechapel Gallery , London, Focal Point Gallery – Southend, Tate Britain, CCA –…