In order to make art more accessible, inspired, but also in a away obliged by the COVID-19 pandemic, +359 Gallery presents the project 359 degrees. In the following months we will publish every exhibition that took place at +359 Gallery after its end, with additional archive projects and collaborations with other spaces. The public will have access to a 360-degree view of the exhibitions with extra videos, texts, sketches and fragments of the ideas that have been materialized at the tower. This way, we hope to contribute to the integration of this practice in thework process of Bulgarian galleries and museums. With the amelioration of the epidemic situation, VR glasses will be available at the physical location, so that spectators will be able to view archival exhibitions in virtual reality. Our goal is to present not only the content of the gallery, but also to emphasize the site-specific nature of the exhibitions, thus exploring the body of the tower, an inevitable muse, sometimes an opponent, but always, in the end – an accomplice

This project was executed with the strong conviction that +359 Gallery should continue its mission to develop contemporary art, which during the course of four years consists of the presentation of nearly 30 exhibitions, workshops, artist talks and competitions with the participation of Bulgarian and foreign artists. .

And while the program of Gallery +359, including the projects “359 degrees”, “Links of art”, as well as our annual exhibition plan, was not among those selected for funding by the National Culture Fund, we believe that with joint efforts and quality institutional dialogue, the cultural exchange in Bulgaria will (continue to be) happening and upgraded.