International Resident Program

Gallery +359 is located in the building of the only preserved water tower in Sofia. It was designed in 1903 by the German engineer Franz Salbach. The construction of the tower started on September 20, 1928 and ended on November 20, 1929. It was built at the highest point of the Lozenets district in Sofia (610.40 m) based on a French system for the construction of water towers with reinforced concrete and brick masonry. The Water tower Tank is positioned 15 m higher than the highest elevation. Its height is 27 m and the volume of the tank is 100 cubic meters. The architecture of the building has provided other than being a hydraulic structure, to serve also for a watchtower. At a curatorial invitation, a visual artist will work on a project related to the specific space of the building. The residence provides a working stay of the author from two weeks to a month at the invitation of the gallery in Sofia, to create a site-specific installation for the Water tower space. Within the Resident Program, the artists will make a presentation of his work to the public and will draw up an exhibition plan. The date of the presentation will be decided according to the exhibition schedule and the author's possibility to stay. Gallery +359 will provide a studio; will cover the travel expenses as well as the cost of materials for the preparation of the works for the exhibition. The artists will donate a work for the collection of contemporary art of Gallery +359.