Pauline Toyer

Pauline Toyer

Born in 1987 in Blois, Pauline Toyer studied at the School of Fine Arts ENSA Bourges and did the Post-Graduate programme at the Art School ENSBA Lyon in 2013. She has participated in several solo and group exhibitions,notably at the Vestibule of the Maison Rouge (Paris), Pollen (Monflanquin), the 63rd Salon de Montrouge, and the Temporary Gallery (Köln).

She lives and works between Paris and Blois, and temporarily in different places of residences like Astéride (Marseille) or Casa Proal (Mexico). Her attraction to the work in progress led her to think of evolutionary sculptures, such as Bloc de glace sur Bloc de terre (Ice Block on Earth Block) exposed and activated at the City of Sciences and Industry (Paris), Sirupeux at the Workshop of Testers at the Chalet Society (Paris), or Espace Insecable at the Art Center Le 116 (Montreuil).

Her sculptures are sometimes anchored in specific places and territories, this is the case of the in-situ work Point Zero, located in the village of Seppois-le-Haut (Alsace), or ceramic oven La Pyramide et l’entonnoir (Thepyramid and the funnel), made in San Rafael (Mexico).

Pauline Toyer is interested in the way art exists in rural areas. With the support of the DRAC Centre, she set up her studio in the Loir-et-Cher with Celsian Langlois, with the idea of organizing events and exhibitions, their recent open doors inaugurate the Ateliers Canard.