Sasho Stoitzov

Sasho Stoitzov was born in 1952 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. Since 1998, he has lived and worked in Sofia and New York. He graduated at the The School of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1971. 1999-2000 studied Digital Media Arts Technology in TCI, NYC. Since 1980 he started to make solo exhibitions: „Program” Series, Rakovski 108 Gallery, Sofia (1980); “Signs”, Gallery HO, Berlin, Germany (1996); “Saxophonist Player in the Bathroom”, Ata-Ray Gallery, Sofia (1996); “Eastern Miniaturies”, National Art Gallery, Sofia (1996); „Paper Intervention”, American University in Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad (1997); ” “Painting from Life is Closest to the Non-Creation of Art” Municipal Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria (1997); “Mosholu PKWY”, Gallery, Match Book, New York, USA (2003); 2006 “Waterfall”, Sofia City Art Gallery, Apolonia, Sozopol (2006); “Fly” Arosita Gallery, Sofia (2008); 2011 “Hole in the Parquet”, Sariev Gallery, Plovdiv (2011); “NOLITA”, Arosita Gallery, Sofia (2012); “Street Art Inside”, Prague (2014); „BREAKTHROUGH” National Gallery for Art, Sofia, Bulgaria (2016) Curator: Maria Vassileva. “Characteristic justifiability”, Arosita Gallery, Sofia (2018). In the late 1980s, Sasho Stoicov was the co-organizer of the exhibitions: “11,11,88”, Blagoevgrad (1988); ” The River Action”, Blagoevgrad (1989); “11, 11, 89”, Blagoevgrad (1989). In the 90s he participated in all group exhibitions of the changes: “Earth and Sky”, 6 Shipka Gallery, Sofia (1989); “Kaymak (Cream)-Art” Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria (1991); “N-forms?”, 125 Rakovski Gallery, Sofia (1994); “In search of Self- Reflection”, Plovdiv (1994), “VideoHarT” National Museum of Archeology, Sofia, Bulgaria (1995); “Modern’s Arts Week” Starinna Banya, Plovdiv, Bulgaria (1995),” The plastic image of the 90s ” , Sofia (1996), “ARS EX NATIO, Made in BG”, Plovdiv (1997), NATIO, Made in BG, Plovdiv. “Sofia Underground-2”, National Palace of Culture, Sofia (1998) Participation in international projects: “Africus ’95 Biennial” Johannesburg, RSA (1995); “Labiles gleichgewicht”, Berlin, Germany (1996); “Exhibition of Contemporary Bulgarian Art”, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands. „Focus Bulgaria”, viennacontemporary, Vienna , Austria (2015). “Bulgarian Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Art Front Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (1998). Participation in the contemporary art of Bulgaria after 2000: “Export / Import”, Sofia City Art Gallery (2003) “Important Announcement”, Sofia City Art Gallery (2006); “August in Art” Biennale Varna, Bulgaria (2008); “Aquarium”, works from the “Art Contemporary Art” Gallery of the Sofia Art Gallery, Alma Mater Gallery, Sofia (2010); “The Other Eye”, Municipal Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria (2011); “Why Duchamp”, Sofia Arsenal-MCA, Sofia. Curator Maria Vassileva (2012); “SELECTION OPTION. CHANGE “, National Palace of Culture, World Bank, Sofia (2012); „NATURA VIVA”, Credo Bonum Gallery. Curator Vesela Nozharova (2017); “Areas of View”, Vaska Emanouilova Gallery. Sofia. Curator Vladiya Mihaylova (2017); „Autobiography Project”, Sofia Arsenal-MCA, Curator Nadezhda Dzakova (2018). Festivals: “Process-Space”, Balchik (1992); “Apollonia”, Sozopol. Curator Maria Vassileva (2007); INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF GLASS – 2012, 2014, Sofia. Since 2014 Sasho Stoitzov is also the organizer of the contemporary art events in Blagoevgrad: Spring Festival for Contemporary Art, STAICHKI, Painting Symposium . Sasho Stoitzov`s works are part of collections such as: National Gallery for Art, Sofia Art Gallery, MMOMA, Moscow.