Rositsa Getsova
Curated by Zoya Petrova – Dokova
24.08 – 23.09

In the ethereal expanse of contemporary art, where boundaries blur and the intangible converges with the tangible, Rositsa Getsova’s solo exhibition Re-Space, emerges as a resplendent testament to the intricate interplay between the inner psyche and the outer reality. The exhibition orchestrates an artistic journey that transcends conventional confines, inviting visitors to traverse the enigmatic landscape of Rositsa Getsova’s creative universe.

Re-Space is not a mere collection of artworks; it is a tapestry woven from the threads of memories, emotions, and subconscious wanderings. The exhibition unfolds along two captivating trajectories, each an embodiment of the artist’s ceaseless exploration of space’s multifaceted dimensions. The first trajectory guides us through remnants of Getsova’s past works, thoughtfully reimagined and imbued with fresh perspectives. These vestiges, like echoes from the recesses of her mind, are meticulously decoded and interwoven into a present narrative, unveiling the intricate dance between memory and perception.

The second trajectory unfurls before us a cascade of personal photographs, transmuted into a harmonious symphony of digital prints and sculptures. This fusion of media serves as a portal, leading us into the realm of coincidences and synchronicities. Getsova’s masterful manipulation of these elements underscores the profound connections that bind the psychological and the tangible, echoing the intricate relationships that define our chaotic existence.

In the heart of the exhibition’s labyrinthine creations, delicate parallels come to light, inviting us to contemplate the profound interrelationships that govern our world. The seemingly random encounters of coincidence and the enigmatic dance of synchronicity are elevated under Getsova’s discerning gaze, transforming into a symphony of introspection that resonates far beyond the confines of the gallery walls.

Re-Space is a revelation, a choreography of the unseen forces that shape our reality. Within this mesmerizing dance, chaos and order entwine, and the viewer is beckoned to embrace the interplay between cognition and creativity. Getsova’s artistry lays bare the delicate balance between the nebulous and the concrete, offering a profound glimpse into the symphony that binds the human spirit with the boundless realm of artistic imagination.

As we journey through the exhibition’s intricate pathways, we are invited to surrender to the beauty of chaos, to explore the labyrinth of interconnected realms that mirror our own existence. Rositsa Getsova’s artistic oeuvre resonates as an emotional symphony, harmonizing the psychological with the tangible. In this symphony, chaos finds its counterpoint, and the viewer is encouraged to unravel the secrets that lie within the gaps of perception.

Re-Space stands as a captivating testament to Rositsa Getsova’s unwavering commitment to deciphering the profound connections that underpin our world. In traversing the myriad dimensions of “Re-Space,” we are reminded that art is not merely an endeavour of aesthetics, but a profound exploration of the human experience itself. Through the visionary lens of Rositsa Getsova, we are challenged to reimagine our understanding of space, to embrace the interconnectedness of all things, and to acknowledge the timeless dialogue between the ephemeral and the eternal.

Rositsa Getsova

Rositsa Getsova, a prominent figure in Sofia’s art scene, seamlessly navigates the roles of artist, curator, and gallerist, crafting a harmonious interplay of artistic elements that delve into the ephemeral. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1969, Getsova graduated from the prestigious National Art Academy in 1994 with a focus on Poster art.

Diverging from convention, Getsova embarked on a journey into the surreal and profound. Solo exhibitions like “Not Functional,” “Give Peace A Chance,” and “Tea Ceremony” unfolded within Arosita Gallery in Sofia, where art transcends sight to evoke visceral sensations.

In 2011, “TETRIS,” a sculptural marvel, intertwined with the enigmatic “Holding your breath” video and a captivating photo installation at Galerie GEDOKmuc, where Getsova was Artist in Residence, cementing her global influence.

Getsova’s impact extends beyond solo endeavors, enriching collective narratives through exhibitions like “New shades in contemporary art” and “Over time.” International projects like “Contemporary Artists from Bulgaria Imago Mundi Collection” in Venice showcase her reach.

Awards, including Gedok Muenchen Residency (2011) and Iron Order for Contribution to Contemporary Art (2014), mark milestones. As Art Director of Arosita Gallery, Getsova masterfully intertwines innovation and imaginative ingenuity.

Her legacy embodies contemporary art’s essence, weaving the transitory into objects, installations, and videos. Rositsa Getsova epitomizes evolving artistic ethos, illuminating the enigmatic corridors of modern creativity.