Marina Genova

Marina Genova graduated from the MA program in Digital Arts at the National Academy of Arts in 2017. Her work deals with the topics of massive digital reproducibility, the loss of the original, and what happens when algorithms that inhabit the online space enter the physical world of people.

Marina has participated in exhibitions including The Gift (2018, ICA, Sofia), A Critique of Media (2017, gallery Credo Bonum, Sofia), Toyphilia and Toy Phobia (2016, ICA, Sofia). She has participated in international festivals for experimental film and design such as Obstacle, It’s Liquid Experimental Cinema and Video Art (2015, UK) and Taiwan International Student Design Competition (2014, Taiwan).

She had her first solo exhibition Visual Experiment 1: Spirit and Matter at gallery Point Blank in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in 2014.

Electric dreams