Shelter Tower

Stanislav Pamukchiev
Curated by Peter Tzanev

Due to the specifics of the project, the “shelter” will be available to visitors between 18:30 and 20:00. on the following dates:
07.04 – Thursday | 08.04 – Friday | 09.04 – Saturday | 15.04 – Friday
16.04 – Saturday | 20.04 – Wednesday

The Shelter Tower is an unusual project in the shadow of art, summoned by the trajectories of Schelling’s “stupor of reason”, Lacan’s “mute reality”, Derrida’s “cryptoincorporation” and the strategic beauty of Perniola’s “noncommunicative core of art”. A shadow that rejects full explanations and prevents any possible typological knowledge of senses and the aesthetic exercises, meditations and attitudes associated with them.

The Shelter Tower can be defined as an emotional simulator, synthesizing those elements of Stanislav Pamukchiev’s work that have remained outside the structures of representation. The tower in this project symbolizes the ascent of souls to the realms of the unthinkable, and the asylum regime connects us to the untouchable world of art, turned into an emergency laboratory that uses the space of the mind to ask us who and how transmits images of our lives.

We tend to view human souls as mythological beings resembling voluntary hallucinations. At the same time, for us today, human consciousness is rather a natural phenomenon that is still acceptable to be studied by both the natural sciences and the humanities. The Shelter Tower is not an artistic metaphor. It is a reality that each of us can enter. The Shelter Tower is a beacon in the human dungeons. The Shelter Tower does not reformulate or exchange values. The Shelter Tower is a silent ritual of triumphant radiances that illuminate the expansive opacity of the present.

Peter Tzanev