Plastic Metamorphoses

Exhibition of Georgi Todorov
Curator: Konsto Kasabov

The exhibition will be back on view on February 3rd for the next phase of the project.

Due to the specifics of the project, you can visit the exhibition on the following dates:

Melting: 03.02, 09.02
Projections 04.02, 10.02
from 16:30 to 19:00h

This contemporary sculptural exhibition represents the author’s creative search in the direction of plastic interpretation and metamorphosis of the same object, through different approaches to form and visual aesthetics. Each work is a female wax figure with a metal skeleton, which varies in form, detail and concept for each of the three works.

Like the expression “don’t judge a book by its cover”, the author interprets the theme of the superficial and the deep, as well as the often false or deceptive appearance, exploring well-known concepts such as visible and invisible, classical and contemporary. It is a kind of visual metaphor for the discrepancy between the inside and the outside, which the author explores and manipulates in this creative cycle. A key conceptual point is the melting away of the wax shell and revealing the metal interior, in this case – the skeleton of the figure.

Established classic techniques as well as modern technologies such as 3D printing, digital design, 3D processing and materialization of the desired three-dimensional form were used to create the works.

The wax shell is classically modeled and is based on a hand-made clay figure, which is digitized through specific technological methods. This digital 3D version of the figure is used in creating the mold in which the wax is cast.

The metal skeleton, which varies in shape and concept on each of the three levels, is based on digital 3D models. These 3D models are cast in metal, and the cast is then finished by hand using classic jewelry techniques and methods.

At each subsequent level (floor), plastic is observed, different in content and form treatment. On the surface, all three works look the same, but as time passes and the wax coating melts, the skeleton or the true content of the object is being revealed.

Georgi Todorov (1990) completed his master’s degree in sculpture at the Academy of Arts in 2016 in the course of Prof. Emil Popov.

Participated in numerous collective exhibitions and events. Participation in Figurativas 2016 at the Museu Europeu d’Art Modern. Author of a commemorative coin 110 years since the IIlinden–Preobrazhenie Uprising. During the period 2018-2022 he co-authored the monuments of Colonel Drangov (Military Academy, Sofia), Ivan Vazov (Slivnitsa), Dan Kolov (Plachkovtsi), Diko Iliev (Boris garden, Sofia).
Lives and works in Sofia.