Sevda Semer

24.01 -13.02.2018

  1. Each day from 2017 corresponds to 2 pages in the visual diary that can be filled with anything.
  2. If one day is missed, the pages will be left blank except for the date in the lower right corner.
  3. For any reason, there will be no adjustments or additions in the past days.

“The diary is for the good days, for the big events, for the special moments. Everyday life, the nonsense & boredom remain out of it. In 2017, I had to draw a two-page visual diary every day of the year. At some points, I discovered new styles, experimented with folding sculptures, got out of the desk after a job well done. In others, I was painfully bored, passive-aggressive revenging on someone , or thinking forever to stop drawing so I didn’t have to go on. That’s all. One whole year. ”

Изложбата се осъществява с подкрепата на Ина Бостанджиева


Sevda Semer