Krassimir Terziev

Krassimir Terziev

Travels in the Unkown, 2020, acrylics, oil/canvas, 164/130 cm

Travels in the Unkown II, 2020, acrylics, oil/canvas, 164/130 cm

Spectacular Surfaces, 2020, oil/canvas, 80/100 cm

Test Site, 2020, acrylics, oil/canvas, 116/73 cm


„‘Charisma’ – as its reference to Paul’s kharis [grace] could have suggested – coincides with the neutralization of law…”

from: Giorgio Agamben, Homo sacer II: State of Exception

a publication of KX – Critique and Humanism

Bulgarian language translation from Italian: Valentin Kalinov

“The growing partiality for plural ‘worlds’…  [and] a new genealogy of the concept of cosmological infinity, viewed… in the aspect of its pragmatic function: the infinite universe is above all a universe of new modes of comportment and deportment. The imagination becomes an organ of quite unprecedented positivity… the unexpected has become precisely what can be expected at all times… The idea of completing the incomplete by means of human ingenuity…“

from: Hans Blumenberg, Paradigms For a Metaphorology

a publication of KX – Critique and Humanism

Bulgarian language translation from German: Nina Nikolova

Biography Krassimir Terziev

Krassimir Terziev is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher whose work spans a diversity of media, including video/film, photography, painting/drawing, and text, questioning the boundaries between reality and fiction, while exploring the manifold transitions and tensions between a globalized world, dominated by overwhelming multiplicity of symbolic imagery, and its material groundings in technological, physical and human ‘hardware’.

He holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from Sofia University (2012) and an MA degree in Painting from the National Academy of Arts, Sofia (1997), lecturing in both institutions since 2012.

His work is part of the collections of Centre Pompidou/MNAM;  Arteast 2000+ Collection, Moderna Galerija  Ljubljana; Sofia City Art Gallery; Art Collection Telekom; Kunstsammlung HypoVereinsbank; Gaudenz B. Ruf Collection; Art Project Depot; Dana and Georgi Voynov Collection among others.

Born 1969 in Dobrich, Bulgaria. Lives and works in Sofia.

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