Adelina Popnedeleva

Adelina Popnedeleva

Adelina Popnedeleva
“Optimistic portrait with two Easter bunnies” 60/50, oil, canvas, 2020

Surprise in the Pink World 46/55, oil, canvas

Green lion in a cinnabar field, 46/65,oil,canvas. 2020

“Live performance from China with love “, 60/50, oil /canvas, 2020


„The state-of-exception is the space in whicj he tries to capture Benjamin’s idea of a pure violence and to inscribe anomie [the lack of law] within the very body of the nomos [the law].

from: Giorgio Agamben, Homo sacer II: State of Exception

a publication of KX – Critique and Humanism

Bulgarian language translation from Italian: Valentin Kalinov

“… Еach of these great figures of sexual austerity is tied to an axis of experience and to a cluster of concrete relationships: relations to the body, with the question of health, and behind it the whole game of life and death; the relation to the other sex, with the question of the spouse as privileged partner, in the game of the family institution and the ties it creates; the relation to one’s own sex, with the question of partners that one can choose within it, and the problem of the adjustment between social roles and sexual roles; and finally, the relation to truth, where the question is raised of the spiritual conditions that enable one to gain access to wisdom.”

from: Michel Foucault, The Use of Pleasures vol. 2 of The History of Sexuality a publication of KX – Critique and Humanism (2019)

Bulgarian language translation from French: Antoaneta Koleva

In general, I would say that I engage in visual conversations between body and spirit. I work with different media, choose the most appropriate to me according to the idea that I have.
My areas of work are video, performance, facility, installation, painting, textile, printing and more.

-Adelina Popnedeleva

Adelina Popnedeleva lives and works in Sofia where she is an artist, filmmaker and curator and holds a PhD in Visual Arts and Theory of Art, National Academy of Arts. She is a Professor in National Academy of Arts, Sofia.

She took part in international exhibitions like “Synergy”, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium; Wittgenstein 1918-2018, House Wittgenstein, Vienna, Austria; Second triennial of fiber art, Hangzhou, China; Save the Dreams. Contemporary Artists from Bulgaria” , Fondazione Giorgio Cini ,Venice; The summer Video Portrait Symposium,  Bangor University, UK;  Art for change, SGHG, Sofia; Why Duchamp ?, Museum for contemporary art ,Sofia Arsenal; Re-production, Museum for contemporary art, Sofia Arsenal; Shortlist 2008, Gaudenz B. Ruf award for New Bulgarian Art ; “Portrait in the moving  image”, Vandalarom and  Jonchoping  Lans Museum, Sweden; Aktuelle szene Bulgarien, Ludwig Museum, Koblenz; festival BBI Fribourg, Switzerland; Coffee whit Sugar, Seoul; Donumenta , Regensburg, Germany; Haus Wittgenstein, Vienna, Austria; Trieste Contemporanea, Focus Bulgaria, Trieste, Italy ; Visual Immortality, Visarte Gallery , Basel, Switzerland ;Women of the World, a global Collection of Art, White Columns, NY, USA; Bulgarian and American Women Artists Collaborate, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, USA; Solitary Pursuits, Elisabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, USA       .

She has been awarded an honorary diploma for documentary film, XVIII festival” Golden rhyton “, Bulgaria 2010 and Gaudenz B. Ruf award for New Bulgarian Art, advanced artists 2008.

Membership in AICA, Bulgaria, Union of Bulgarian artists, 8-th of March group.

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